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Ice Crusher / Ice Smashing Machine - 300Watts

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  Electric ice smashers are primarily used to quickly and efficiently crush or shave ice for various purposes. This electric ice smasher, also known as an electric ice crusher or ice shaver, typically comes with several features designed to efficiently crush...

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Type: Ice Crusher/ Ice Smasher



  Electric ice smashers are primarily used to quickly and efficiently crush or shave ice for various purposes. This electric ice smasher, also known as an electric ice crusher or ice shaver, typically comes with several features designed to efficiently crush ice for various purposes such as making cocktails, smoothies, or snow cones. Here are some common features you might find in an electric ice smasher:

    Motor power: This electric ice smashers usually come with a powerful motor to crush ice quickly and efficiently. The power of the motor can vary depending on the model, with some offering higher wattage for faster ice crushing. 


    Adjustable settings: This electric ice smashers come with adjustable settings to control the texture of the crushed ice. Users can select from coarse to fine settings based on their preferences and specific needs.

    Ice capacity: The ice capacity refers to the amount of ice the machine can hold or crush at once. Larger capacity models can accommodate more ice, making them suitable for commercial use or large gatherings.


   Safety features: This electric ice smashers are equipped with safety features such as automatic shut-off mechanisms or safety locks to prevent accidents or injuries during operation.

   Easy-to-clean design: A removable ice container or tray makes it easier to clean the machine after use. Some models also have dishwasher-safe parts for added convenience. 

   Compact and portable design: Many electric ice smashers are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to store and transport. This feature is particularly useful for home use or outdoor activities. 

   Durability: This model made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or durable plastics to ensure longevity and resistance to wear and tear.


   Beverage Preparation: This electric ice smashers are commonly used in bars, restaurants, and at home to prepare beverages such as cocktails, smoothies, slushies, and iced drinks. Crushed or shaved ice is often preferred for these beverages because it melts more quickly and evenly, chilling the drink without diluting it excessively. 

    Food Preparation: This can also be used in food preparation for tasks like creating ice beds for serving seafood, crushing ice for use in desserts like shaved ice desserts or ice cream sundaes, or preparing certain recipes that require crushed ice. 

    Party and Event Hosting: This electric ice smashers are popular for parties and events where large quantities of crushed ice are needed to serve guests. They can help streamline the process of making drinks and ensure that there is always a fresh supply of ice available. 


    Commercial Applications: In commercial settings such as bars, restaurants, cafes, and hotels, electric ice smashers are essential for keeping up with high demand. They enable bartenders and staff to quickly produce crushed ice to serve customers efficiently. 

    Convenience: For everyday use at home, an electric ice smasher can provide convenience by eliminating the need to manually crush ice using traditional methods like ice mallets or rolling pins. It's a time-saving appliance that makes it easy to create refreshing drinks whenever desired.


    Overall, electric ice smashers offer convenience, speed, and consistency in ice preparation, making them valuable tools in both domestic and commercial settings.


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Ice Crusher / Ice Smashing Machine - 300Watts
stainless steel - Rs.14,500.00
  • stainless steel - Rs.14,500.00

Ice Crusher / Ice Smashing Machine - 300Watts

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